Rodney Hampton, P.C. will ask for a retainer up-front whether the firm is taking on the case for a flat rate or based on an hourly rate. These monies are placed in a trust account. As fees and costs are expended on your matter, money is transferred out of the trust account. At the end of the representation, if there is still money left in the trust account Rodney Hampton, P.C. will provide a refund. In the past, money from clients had to be accepted in cash, certified check, or money order. But the times have changed. Rodney Hampton, P.C. can now accept VISA, Mastercard, or Discovery Card.

     In April 2012, Rodney Hampton, P.C. entered into a relationship with the Midwest Transaction Group to be able to accept credit card payments. Customers may now pay money into the trust account using their credit or debit cards. Rodney Hampton, P.C. completes a yearly PCI self-assessment to ensure that all client information is secure from any external threat.