2018 -- A Year of Learning in Review

Last year I posted an article summarizing the number of books I consumed across various media. I set a goal to read one book a week in 2018. This did not happen for a variety of reasons including having the most profitable year of my career. I did manage to knock out 28 books (counting Han Solo at Stars’ End / Han Solo’s Revenge / Han Solo and the Lost Legacy as three books instead of one volume). I also have 4 books in progress which I mention here as I have made a substantial dent in all of them. Overall, that puts my page count at around 30 books. The average number of books consumed by Americans is 12 according to Pew Research. I’d love to know if anyone has read any of these books and how many books you read this year. Leave your comments below.

AudioBooks on YouTube
HP Lovecraft — Call of Cthulhu
Joseph Delaney — The Last Apprentice: Night of the Soul Stealer (incomplete)
Fritz Leiber — The Howling Tower (Fafhrd and Gray Mouser)

AudioBooks on Audible
Ursula K. Le Guin — A Wizard of Earthsea
John le Carré — The Spy Who Came in From the Cold
Joseph Delaney — The Last Apprentice: Curse of the Bane
Nick Setchfield — The War in the Dark
Solove and Schwartz — Privacy Law Fundamentals (2017 edition)
Drew Walker — Certificate in Cloud Security Knowledge (2015 edition)
Richard Kirshebaum — Isn’t That Rich? Life Among the 1%
McChisney, Covey, Huling — The 4 Disciplines of Execution
Bosworth and Zoldan — What Great Salespeople Do
Brian Buffini — The Emigrant Edge
Seamus Heaney — The Burial at Thebes
Pat Frank — Alas, Babylon

Kindle/Apple Books
Geoffrey A. Moore — Crossing the Chasm
Zweig and Wolf — Romancing the Shadow: A Guide to Soul Work for a Vital, Authentic Life
Neal Soloponte — The Ultimate Hero’s Journey: 195 Essential Plot Stages Found in the Best Novels & Movies
Brian Daley — The Han Solo Adventures (3 books in one volume)
Robert A. Heinlein — Glory Road
Rackham — Spin Selling
Michael D. Watkins — The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter
Sacha Black — How to Craft Superbad Villains: 13 Steps to Evil
Phillip K. Dick — Valis
Scott Berkun — Confessions of a Public Speaker
Nancy Duarte — Slide:ology (skimmed, reference for Powerpoint improvement)
Swire and Kennedy-Mayo — U.S. Private-Sector Privacy Law and Practice for Information Privacy Professionals
Chris Pace (ed.) — The Threat Intelligence Handbook: A Practical Guide for Security Teams to Unlocking the Power of Intelligence

Kindle Books In Progress
Gregory David Roberts — Shantaram
Jason Healey — A Fierce Domain: Conflict in Cyberspace 1986 to 2012
Andrews and Mitrokhin — The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB
Seamus Heaney: Opened Ground