Cyber Law


     Rodney Hampton, P.C. is prepared to help individuals and businesses who have been the victim of cyber harassment and attacks. The internet is a powerful tool for the anonymous free exchange of information. But this freedom has come with a cost. Many people, and even organizations, have used the internet's anonymity to harass, bully, stalk, defame, hack and even steal identities without fear of being held responsible. Rodney Hampton, P.C. understands how to initiate a John Doe suit and use the broad rules of discovery in a civil case to uncover who your attackers are, and more importantly, get them to stop the harassment and hold them accountable for their actions. Your personal or business reputation is important. Do not let a faceless hatemonger on the internet ruin your earning potential by trashing your online reputation. Call 855-314-3300 to schedule an appointment to hear how Rodney Hampton, P.C. can help.


     Rodney Hampton, P.C. stands ready to assist businesses prepare for -- and react to -- a data breach. Because the federal government has not legislated in this area, businesses face differing rules in almost every state. The laws are still changing as the states grapple with almost daily headlines about data breaches from every business sector. As a business owner, you may not realize to what extent you are liable for a potential breach of customer data, to whom you are liable, what the reporting requirements are, and how to handle the notification of your customers. Rodney Hampton, P.C. can help you devise strategies to limit your exposure. Call 855-314-3300 to schedule an appointment to hear how Rodney Hampton, P.C. can help.


     Finally, if you have been wrongly accused of perpetrating cybercrime, cyberterrorism, or hacking, Rodney Hampton, P.C. is prepared to defend you from civil or criminal liability. Rodney Hampton, P.C. will engage the forensic experts necessary to investigate and prepare reports that may assist with your defense at trial. And Rodney Hampton, P.C. is in a position to examine and rebut any computer evidence that will be presented against you. Call 855-314-3300 to schedule an appointment to hear how Rodney Hampton, P.C. can help.


     The founder of the firm, Rodney Hampton, got his first computer (a Commodore Vic-20) when he was twelve years old. He can rattle off a list of computer systems he has worked on over the years. Before becoming a lawyer, Rodney worked as an IT professional for more than a decade working first as a web developer, then a systems administrator, and finally as an IT security professional for a multi-billion dollar company. He has negotiated and reviewed information technology contracts. Rodney Hampton is the former President of the Metro Detroit Linux Users Group and holds certifications in various systems including WebLogic, Linux, and StarTeam Administration. And although Rodney is a bit of a luddite now, it is not because he doesn't understand technology. In fact, he understands it all too well to put too much faith in it. If you want to talk to a lawyer who understands technology from the ground up, call 855-314-3300 for a consultation today.