Compliance Review

     You did not go into business to do paperwork and spend your valuable time dealing with government agencies.

     Companies that are up and running often need ongoing legal advice in many areas, including employment practices; internal policies and procedures; communications with government agencies; and compliance with HIPPA, Dodd-Frank, FCPA, TILA, SOX (and an ever increasing list of acronyms). Companies also need advice and advocacy when disputes lead to litigation.

     As outside counsel to your small or medium-sized businesses, Rodney Hampton, P.C. provides sound advice in small and affordable doses. Many companies find that they have grown large enough that they have regular reporting requirements and scrutiny from government agencies, and yet such businesses are not yet large enough to maintain a full-time, in-house, legal department. Rodney Hampton, P.C. is ready to step into the gap.

     For the small business owner compliance with the law takes on added significance because, in many cases, such laws contain potential civil and criminal fines and even potential jail time.

     Don't continue to run your business unprotected. Obtain a thorough review by an attorney. Ignorance is not bliss. Call Rodney Hampton, P.C. at 855-314-3300 for a free initial consultation.